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Why pay crazy money for coloured water when you can use our Universal Silicone Fluid. Universal
Silicone Fluid can be re-used if a cooling system is drained, and there are no issues with biological
contaminants that may grow in water based systems. Under spillage or leakage conditions, silicone
oil will remain electrically non conductive. Simply mop up any spillage from your electronic
equipment with an absorbent material (for example cloths, tissue paper). Universal Silicone Fluid
practically lasts a lifetime under non destructive conditions. Universal Silicone Fluid should be
suitable for most circulation pumps because of it's low viscosity, but pumping systems may vary.
Safety pdf data sheet available:


Currently available in both 4kg and 1kg containers our Phenyl-methyl silicone oil is not considered harmful to human health.

For bulk orders and wholesale prices please contact us here: sales@functionalfluids.com
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We are a small family run company based in Kent in the United Kingdom and have many years of experience in the manufacture of silicone and mineral oil based products.

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