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Functional Fluids is a manufacturer of a variety of oil based products for everyday and specialist use. We are currently able to supply our Universal Silicone Fluid either directly or through our eBay store.
Safety pdf data sheet available:

Universal Silicone Fluid is 100% pure, low viscosity silicone oil and has a multitude of uses in the home, the workshop and industry. For suggested uses:


Currently available in both 4kg and 1kg containers and a 100ml spray our Phenyl-methyl silicone oil is not considered harmful to human health.

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Our pure silicone fluid is excellent for the lubrication of plastic and rubber parts, O-rings and gaskets, mould release, PC cooling, as a heat transfer fluid, for rust prevention, as a water repellent, in fact there are hundreds of uses.

For bulk orders and wholesale prices please contact us here: sales@functionalfluids.com
To go directly to our eBay store please click here.

We are a small family run company based in Kent in the United Kingdom and have many years of experience in the manufacture of silicone and mineral oil based products.

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